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Why Blazer?

Colorado's first Dog Friendly Real Estate Brokerage, donating 5% of every commission to a shelter!

Why Blazer Real Estate?

You know who you are…your dog(s) are a big part of your family, because they are your family! At Blazer Real Estate, we feel the same way. That is why we are Colorado’s first dog-friendly real estate brokerage. As dog lovers and owners, not only will you find us putting your four-legged family’s housing needs first, we will donate 5% of every sales commission to an animal shelter of your choice or whatever charity is your favorite! Even if you aren’t a dog lover, there is a good reason to use Blazer Real Estate, with experience with ranch and acreage properties, we have extensive knowledge of wells, septics and property surveys.

Are you a buyer? We’ll focus on finding your family a great home – one with space for your dog or a yard to roll around. We’ll let you know where the nearest dog parks are and watering holes for swimming, or whether there are pet restrictions on the home. Dogs are a home’s best friend!

Selling your home? We will put the word out to our dog-friendly buyers all the features of your home that made it a perfect place for you and your four-legged family. We’ll highlight what your dog found to be the best aspects of your home from the yard and favorite nearby trails. We will take into account your preferences for showing appointments to accommodate the safety and comfort of your pet, and if you can’t be there when there is a showing, we will be!  Don’t have a dog? No problem! Rest assured, we cast the widest net to find buyers for your home and by listing with us, you are helping to save lives through our charitable giving pledge.

Who is Blazer?

BLAZERBlazer was owner Ken’s first dog as an adult when he first lived in Colorado. Ken grew up with dogs, his first being a Siberian Husky named Crystal. He then became involved with the Seeing Eye’s 4H project as a teen raising 2 Labrador puppies, Tucker and Tully, one of which went on to work as a guide dog, the other dropped out due to health reasons and Ken adopted him to live with Crystal.

Soon after graduating from the University of Colorado in 1993, Ken missed having a best friend, so he contacted many of the shelters in the area for a black Labrador that was a year old to adopt. He found one at what was then Denver Lab Rescue, who had a one year old they pulled from the Denver Dumb Friends League named Blazer. Ken took a chance on Blazer, who was already a adoption failure at the first home he was placed at, they said he need to be a one person dog. Ken at the time was a person guy and the two of them quickly bonded, enjoying all the great outdoors Boulder offers, they kayaked, hiked, camped, and skied together.

Blazer helped Ken decide on his first home he bought (he actually was with Ken when they looked at houses). Ken’s sister Caryn, loved Blazer too and in honor of him they named their first dog after him! Blazer went on to live to a ripe old age of 12 years old, and as a result of Ken’s love of rescue and Blazer, another NINE rescue dogs have gone on to live with Ken.

The best part of working with Blazer Real Estate is at the end of the day, we are going to throw a bone to you: 5% of our commission will go to an help animals in need of a home, thanks to Blazer Real Estate!